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Weight Loss Diet - Benefits Of Carrot Juice

Author: Adam

In this article the aim is to tell you about the benefits of carrot juice in your diet, and how this somewhat bland vegetable can be one of the many that can help you loose weight and at the same time fight off illness and disease.

Some times in life the benefits of some foods are not apparent as we do our weekly shop, and itís so easy to spend money on vitamin supplements, and foods especially prepared for diets when a far superior alternative is staring us in the face.

The subject of diets can be confusing to say the least, and it doesnít matter whether youíre counting points, calories, or just generally just cutting back on your food intake. Each person has their own view which is best, and what Iím talking about here with the benefits of carrot juice in your diet will probably not suit everyoneís taste.

My theory behind the use of carrot juice comes from medical research. They have proved that itís the food we eat that causes many of todayís many diseases. As the body is mainly water in its content, and as water can either be either acidic, alkaline, or neutral we have to notice that many foods tend to be acidic in their content. This is where the medical research teams have proved time and time again that by altering our food intake to one of an alkaline nature we can not only loose weight but we can also recover from many horrible diseases that are present in todayís world.

Fruit and vegetable are a superb example of alkaline foods, and carrots, and carrot juice are one of the best.

Now before you jump up and down saying that carrots are rather bland or the taste is not to your liking they can be mixed with other fruits so that they can be something you look forwards to taking.

To give you an idea of calorie content if you were to take a mixture of fruit and carrot juice in a drink the calories per cup would be between 70 and 100 calories. Simply by replacing one meal a day with a delicious glass of juice and the mixture can be your own choice. You may love strawberries or bananas, and by mixing in some carrot juice you will find that you will begin to look forward each day to your daily juice. (I suggest you choose breakfast)

Taking things further you may want to then cut down own the acidic content of your diet. Iím not saying that you cut it out altogether as to eat just fruit and vegetables could be boring. Hereís a short list of some of the acidic things we have in our normal diet, and that by cutting back on them will help us all loose weight. Sugar, sugar based products like biscuits, chocolate, cakes and pastries, meat, custard, jellies and jams.

As for carrots theyíre full of vitamin A and vitamin C and along side of that they have Potassium which helps with muscle control and helps remove cholesterol.

Article Source: http://www.articleclick.com


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