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Tips to Pick the Right Doctor for Liposuction Surgery

Author: Victoria Rowde

Liposuction surgery may not be as dangerous, time consuming and serious as other surgical procedures. It doesn't mean though that it is 100% safe. Most of the time, your choice of a doctor to perform the procedure is the key to a safe and effective procedure. Here are some things that you should know about liposuction doctors.

The Where and Who

Liposuction surgery may be done in the hospital although doctors are allowed to perform it in a surgery center, in an outpatient section of the hospital or in a clinic. Most liposuction procedures are conducted by dermatologists or surgeons but the truth is, any doctor can conduct liposuction surgery. There are no special requirements or trainings required by law for this kind of surgery. This means that the effectiveness and your experience of the procedure will depend on your doctor's ability.

The Doctor's Role

Other than being the one who will suction the body fats, your doctor should also be the first person to evaluate you and your current health condition in relation to your liposuction surgery. Your doctor should assess your medical history and your present state of health. He should also take a closer look at the extent of the condition of your fat deposits and the condition of your skin. Most of all, your doctor should be able to determine the best liposuction surgery technique for your unique condition. In other words, your doctor has the responsibility for determining your fitness as a candidate, the fitness and safety of a procedure and the appropriateness of emergency precautions and procedures.

The Dangers of Having the Wrong Doctor

Experts seem to downplay the dangers of liposuction surgery, saying that it is a generally safe procedure with very limited actual casualties. You could however, be the rare one in a million casualty in the hands of an incompetent doctor. Accidents such as excessive bleeding, organ punctures, tissue injury and chemical toxicity could happen.

How to Pick the Right Doctor

Here below are some tips and advise in selecting the right doctor to conduct your liposuction surgery procedure:

- A good surgeon should have a clean clinic and environment where he will conduct liposuction surgery. A reputable doctor will not be afraid to give you a tour of the facilities as well as give explanations about the equipment for the procedure. His clinic should also be near emergency medical facilities in case of an accident. If you are not sure about your doctor, look for a doctor in a reputable hospital or medical facility.

-Learn as much as you can about the liposuction surgery you're about to undergo. Although you may never be as good as your doctor in understanding the procedure, your knowledge may be able to help you formulate the right questions for your doctor to answer.

- Do not just pick the first doctor you come across. Scout or interview several doctors before choosing the best one. It would be better if you could actually get several recommendations from qualified individuals you can trust. Your general practitioner for example may have a good idea where to find the best doctors in the field of liposuction surgery.

- Conduct a background check on a doctor's history and qualifications. Although any doctor may perform liposuction surgery, common sense should tell you that it is best to go for a licensed surgeon. He should at least be a graduate of an accredited medical school and is certified by organizations for surgeons. It is also better if he has had some special training in liposuction.

Did you get the right doctor for liposuction? Read all the necessary facts before you undergo a liposuction procedure

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