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Liposuction Vs. Lipodissolve Vs. Lipocavitron

Author: Roger Murray

Liposuction (LS) is firstly the sucking of fat out of your body. From this point forward, there are variations and opinions on what way, which catheter, method of anesthesia etc etc.

Let's start out with the anesthesia. You can either put someone under general anesthesia or do tumescent anesthesia. The former is obvious. Using a gas, you are put to sleep for the duration of the procedure. The pros are that you will feel nothing initially, but afterwards there is quite severe pain. The second and most distressing fact is that 95% of all adverse side effects, including death, have all occurred under general Anesthesia!! The reason is simple. Most Plastic surgeons who do it under general anesthesia do multiple procedures or multiple fatty areas all at once. And all Physicians know that the more procedures you do under general, the greater the risk. Now Tumescent anesthesia. First, you are awake for the entire procedure. Using Dr Klein's Solution, the area to be suctioned is infiltrated (filled) with the fluid, which numbs the area, and then, using your preferred catheter (we'll talk more on this later) you evacuate the fat. You are monitored, just like under general anesthesia but because the physician can and does talk to the patient during the entire procedure, you have control of the patient. Up until last year there had never been a reported death doing this method, but a very careless and cavalier doctor who used inappropriate drugs during the procedure, and then left the operating room before the end of the procedure, did cause the death of one patient. Again, I believe after reading the case that it was the inappropriate use of the drugs that killed the patient. So it had nothing to do with the actual anesthetic solution.

Catheters are like fishing lures, everyone has their own favorites and swears by their selection, but in reality, there is a specific lure, or catheter, for each specific fish, or area to be suctioned. There are catheters with vibrating tips, ultrasound tips, laser tips, oscillating tips (some of which go up and down, and others side ways.) Others whirl randomly in all directions. And then there are the straight catheters. I personally use the straight catheters because I believe that you have the most control - and while it takes a lot longer to do the procedure, the results, in my opinion, are far superior. Dr Gasparotti, perhaps the most artistic liposuctionist in the world likes to say, "It is not the catheter that counts, but the man (woman) holding the catheter". I agree.

So when would you chose liposuction over Lipodissolve? I believe the answer is, when there is a large volume of fat to remove, multiple areas that need addressing, when the patient wants it all done at once, and in the love handles in men and the knee areas in both men and women.


Lipodissolve is the injection of Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) directly into the fat. PC is a natural derivative of the soybean. Unfortunately, there have been freelance writers who have, out of ignorance, claimed that we do not know how it works. We do know! The PC works by causing the cell membrane to reverse its polarity and as it does, microscopic holes are produced in the cell membrane. We call this a "Zwitterionic defect". The cell membrane disintegrates, the triglycerides (which is what fat is made of) are released and the body turns them into diglycerides. The body breaks these down one step further to mono-glycerides and finally to free-fatty-acids. This is what the body uses as energy. So in essence fat is stored energy, and the PC breaks down those fat stores in specific areas and turns them into energy. This is a permanent loss of fat in the areas injected. I like to say that it is "chemical liposuction".

Rapid Laser Lipodissolve is all of the above, plus we add three sessions of a cold laser to the areas being injected. This causes more destruction of the fat cell membrane and a more rapid resolution to a thinner you.

High Definition Rapid Laser Lipodissolve is the final addition to these non-invasive ways of losing fat. In addition to all of the above, we add in a hormone injection that aids in the dissolution of fat. In our studies not only did it appear to enhance the fat loss in the injected areas, but also (as has been established over many years,) aids in the resolution of subcutaneous fat in the whole body.


This is a patented French machine that uses low frequency Ultrasound to dissolve the cellulite. The low frequency ultrasound is at 27 KHz, which is just above the hearing for a human and it painlessly dissolves the fat beneath the surface of the skin. In medical terms the fat is "cavitated". In essence, ultrasound transducers are applied to the skin with a gel interface and you lie there for about 30 min. The draw back to this is that it takes about 10 sessions to see a really good result. Typically the skin is much smoother and the dimpling is greatly reduced. The positives are that there is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever, and it is completely non invasive. For the best results, the ten sessions should occur over a one-month period. The transducers can be applied to just about any part of the body.

Copyright (c) 2008 Roger Murray

About the Author:Dr. Roger Murray, M.D. is an Orlando, Fla. based cosmetic surgeon, specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery and is an expert in scar minimization techniques, aesthetics and anti-aging. For more information, please visit http://www.themurraycenter.com

Article Source: http://www.articlebiz.com/


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