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Are Slimming Pills the Answer?

Author: Neil Thrasher

Everyone wants to look good, feel good, and ultimately be more confident about themselves and their appearance. Getting down to an ideal weight can help us accomplish all of these goals. The problem is deciding which route to go to lose weight. We know that regular exercise and healthy eating will help us do the trick, but we also know that it's a time consuming process and it requires lifestyle changes. Today, the promise of quick weight loss is in front of our eyes on a regular basis. We see commercials on television and ads in the newspaper about slimming pills and diet supplements that claim to deliver quick weight loss. We must remember though, tons of money are being made by companies that market weight loss pills, so what is their real motive? Do they really care if we lose weight or are they trying to make a quick buck and keep on moving? It's almost impossible to figure out the real reasons we are overloaded on a regular basis by these types of offers.

Many slimming pills and quick weight loss products are aimed at women because the appearance of a woman is directly attached to her emotional well being, in most cases. Many younger women today are lured in by unhealthy slimming pills and their promises of fast weight loss. The companies that market these miracle pills know that most people are not going to take time and do research on the product they are considering. They watch the commercials, see the testimonials of people who claim to have lost weight with their product, and make an uneducated impulse decision to buy right then and there. There is not one medicine on the market today that anyone should buy for any reason without knowing the facts. Take Xenical for example. Xenical is one of the most popular fat burning pills on the market today, and has decent reviews from consumers who have used it. On the other hand some slightly negative side effects have been reported also. These side effects include losing control over bowel movements, repeated bowel movements, and oily stools. Alli is another very popular slimming pill being offered today. It has decent results being reported also, just like Xenical. Alli bonds with fats that are present in the body and removes them from the digestive system, making proper digestion impossible. However, Alli also obstructs the fat that our bodies need to remain healthy. Consumers of Alli have also reported diarrhea and anal leakage. Is it worth it to deal with these type of side effects when we're making an effort to lose weight? I would think not.

Many health professionals do agree that there are some effective slimming pills and weight loss supplements on the market today, some of which do not require prescription. That does not mean a prospective dieter should not consult a physician before trying any diet pill even if it doesn't require prescription. Proactol is becoming a very popular weight loss supplement that consumers are praising as an all natural healthy weight loss supplement. It absorbs up to 28% of dietary fat intake, and is also an effective appetite suppressant. Proactol doesn't require prescription, mainly because it is 100% organic. There are actually no known side effects of using Proactol, but once again don't make any decision from what you see on television or read in the news. In summary, there are many battles within the weight loss war, and being an educated consumer is the absolute best ammunition you can have.

Neil Thrasher is a weight loss expert from Farmington Hills Michigan specializing in healthy diet plans and non prescription weight loss supplements. For advice and tips on healthy weight loss please visit http://www.fatmanagement4me.com/proactol.html

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